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Being a success in life is what the majority of people  How to Write a Book would I imagine like to achieve. It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be, but without a certain amount of effort put in, the results will not be to your liking. Unfortunately, too many of us do not want to work for our dreams. They do not think twice about working for someone else, giving up a third of their day and receiving a paltry wage, but when it comes to working on themselves and their future, it seems too much to even contemplate. For some it can be a fear of failure of the unknown, they are happy to stay within their own comfort zone and do not really want to start thinking for themselves. 

They like to have their life mapped out for them, being run by others and do not wish to take any responsibility that might alter their course. For others it is a similar story, except they cannot be bothered or are too lazy to put in the effort, believing it is not possible to achieve and succeed and that their path in life is already set in stone. They believe that the abundance of life is reserved for the rich and do not even take the time to investigate the possibilities. It is this mindset and conditioning that keeps us where we are and for some, they are very happy that people think this way.



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