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nothing but steaming curse words for me he was angry that I had saved his life saying that he wanted to die there and I had no right getting in the way of God I was going to walk out of there until my boss we were dealing with a lunatic but a hard-boiled journalist and he knew I couldn't just turn away from  Tinnitus 911  a story so easily so I kept working at him and eventually he started telling me about his life it didn't take long for me to realize that Dean was a very sick depressed man and it was all because of his tinnitus apparently Dean had been shot in the head fighting in Vietnam and the hit left him deaf in one ear and permanently stricken with tinnitus so for the last 50 years he's heard nothing but ear-splitting ringing that has literally been driving him insane I felt terrible for Dean I didn't know tinnitus could cause a person so much harm but Dean had lost everything to it it took away his energy his memory his health 



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