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"Your Majesty, my master." Qiu Guo's words have not yet finished, he met the sharp eyes of Wei Li Mo. Qiu Guo's heart jumped and she stopped talking, knowing that the emperor had blamed her for startling her master. Wei Li Mo did not stay, holding a person striding directly to the bedroom. Gently put the person in his arms on the wide yellow rosewood bed in the bedroom, and he winked at the autumn fruit behind him. Qiu Guo understood and went up with him to help Xiao Wanci take off the encumbrance on her body and change into a comfortable bedclothes. Xiao Wanci slept in a daze, and with the familiar autumn fruit beside her, she was quite cooperative. You go out. What should be done has been done, and Wei Limo has begun to drive people away. Autumn fruit one Zheng, some do not understand, should go is not the emperor. "Your Majesty, tonight.." she asked hesitantly. "I'm resting at the Yufu Palace tonight." Qiu Guo frowned slightly, but thought to himself, has the master forgiven the emperor? Does this mean that the emperor and the master have made up? Why don't you go? Wei Limo raised his eyebrows and looked at Qiuguo with a bit of bad eyes. How when the master does not let him step into the jade fu palace, a small palace person also dares to stop him to rest here. Qiu Guo often served in front of Wei Limo and Xiao Wanci, and had some understanding of the emperor's temper. Hearing that his tone was not good, he quickly slipped away with oil on the soles of his feet. Before he left, he did not forget to pray for his master to ask for more luck. As soon as the man in the way left, Wei Limo, who felt more comfortable, got up and took off his robe, went to the bathroom in the inner room to bathe, and found his own bedclothes from the wardrobe to change into, and immediately felt refreshed. All this time, unexpectedly also did not have the slightest sense of sleepiness, but also a bit in high spirits. In a good mood, he found a clean white cloth towel, put it into the warm water in the bathroom to wash and dry, returned to bed, and personally served Xiao Wanci to wipe his face, hands and body. Wei Limo felt that as an emperor, it was too hard for him to do these jobs. Just now,car radiator cap, he almost woke up because of his heavy hands. If he hadn't been alert, the purpose of sleeping in Yufu Palace tonight would have been almost ruined. When everything was ready, Wei Limo lay down on the bed. Can look at the side, that let him think day and night, the little face of water hibiscus, he can not sleep again, a pair of phoenix eyes are still very unconscious to move to her crisp chest half-covered plump place. Suddenly, his breathing was in disorder. He told himself in his heart that the little heartless had not forgiven him, and he could not overcome it, or he would be kicked out of bed tonight. But another voice said that perhaps she had forgiven herself, otherwise how could he still keep his bedclothes in the wardrobe, if she really did not intend to talk to him, how could she put her bedclothes and her own bedclothes together. As soon as he thought about it, his courage grew a little bigger, and the wolf's claws, which did not listen to him, deep draw stamping ,socket screw plug, unconsciously extended to her sleeping beside him. The beauty was covered with ice muscle and jade skin, greasy and crisp, which made him fondle admiringly. In addition, the indoor lights were dim, the charm was seductive, and the people he thought about day and night were right in front of him. How could he hold back. Only a moment later, there was a charming and sultry panting in the curtain. At this time, Xiao Wanci was in a hazy state, half asleep and half awake. She seemed to feel that she was having a spring dream, but the spring dream was so lifelike that the sandalwood mouth unconsciously made a charming panting sound. She took the initiative to cater to the stimulation of Wei Limo even more unable to stop, difficult to self-control. He cursed a "leprechaun", no longer suppressed himself, and took the initiative to kiss her half-open and half-closed cherry lips, which made a shy voice. Not only that, he kissed her fiercely, but also whispered her name to relieve the pain of not meeting her during this time. When Xiao Wanci really woke up, he had done everything she should do, and the bedclothes on their bodies had long disappeared, and she was holding his neck, fiercely asking him for more. Her cheeks were flushed and she wanted to die of shame. But in return, he was even more excited, with a pair of smiling eyes, deliberately whispering in her ear, "Waner, Waner.." Xiao Wanci really wants to get out of bed with this shameless smelly man! But before she could do it, Wei Limo launched a more violent attack on her, which only caused her to breathe again and again, without half a minute of strength. But he smiled and worked harder. After dripping, Wei Limo went to the bathroom with her in his arms, cleaned her with his own hands, and turned her back to bed. Waner, is it comfortable to be served by me? With a smile on his lips, he lay in the brocade quilt and asked her in a low voice. Xiao Wanci immediately gave him a supercilious look, the heart is very regretful, she just accidentally hit a careless eye, it attracted the hungry wolf into the hall, not to say, but also put his whole person in. It's also her fault. Why can't she come back to sleep? Why did she fall asleep in the car. He also thought of going to Xiao Fu to take a carriage all the way back and forth, and she went to bed very early every day, and fell asleep directly in the car in the middle of the night. Did he calculate it early in the morning. In this way, he has an opportunity, not only can be fair and aboveboard into the jade palace, but also can take advantage of the opportunity to rest here, is really a good thing. Xiao Wanci immediately had a new understanding of his wily and shameless. Seeing that she didn't talk to him, Wei Limo pretended to be nervous and explained, "Waner, what's wrong with you? Are you angry? But you fell asleep in the carriage at that time. I couldn't bear to disturb your sleep, so I took you back to Yufu Palace. Later, I wanted to go back to the main hall to rest, but Waner held my sleeve tightly and refused to let go. I thought Waner was reluctant to let me go." I was delighted and stayed. Xiao Wanci stared at him with a pair of bright eyes, apparently not believing what he said. But Wei Limo continued to say miserably, "Waner,Stainless steel foundry, you have to believe me. You don't know that when you were asleep, I personally took a wet cloth towel and served you to wipe your face and hands." At this point, his eyes flashed and his face became somewhat unnatural. autoparts-dx.com 


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