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Chu Nian didn't hide, but Bai Yingxu quickly crossed between the two and whispered, "My assistant is sick. Let the employees of your company come to the top. Brother Xi, can you give me some face?" Xi Kui directly pushed the white promise away, he himself is to explain to the first read, but this situation said no one believed ah. "Why are you calling me," Bai promised, "he said? You knew I was coming here? "I don't know. How can I know your schedule if we haven't contacted each other?" Without even thinking about it, Bai promised, "I just don't have enough room to live in. I want you to arrange a bigger one for me." He looked at Chu Nian with an expression on his face, "You see, I have nothing to do with her here." Brother Xi. "No room." Xi Kui finished and raised his eyebrows at the beginning. "Hello, boss," said Chu Nian respectfully. The tone and attitude are no different from the promise of dialogue. Several people came over to say hello, and Xi was pestered for a moment. Chu Nian stepped aside and looked at it lightly. Xi was wearing a white shirt with casual trousers underneath, and her hair was jellied back. She is coquettish and arrogant, and takes advantage of the dark color of the male stars around her. Everyone came to greet him with polite expressions. At first, I knew that the Xi family was doing well now, but I didn't expect it to have such a strong influence. Xi's arrival has obviously attracted the attention of many people. They recognized him and respected him. It seems that Xi is still very low-key when she is here at ordinary times. The first thought is to laugh. She did not know how Xi could suddenly appear here,CNC machining parts, but the reason was not unexpected, from what Bai had promised just now, she could guess that this hotel was mostly the property of the Xi family. Bitch, what's the big deal! The first read curled his lips and did not look at the past. Xi Kui is no longer a young boy, no matter how impulsive he is, he has a sense of propriety. On this occasion, he will not do anything in front of everyone. Now that we have arrived at the scene,titanium machining parts, the communication must be indispensable. His eyes seemed to intentionally or unintentionally look at the first read, but the first read did not look at him the whole time. A man went over and said something to Chu Nian. Chu Nian was laughing with someone when he said "Tut." General Manager Xi, what's wrong? Asked the man who was talking to him. Don't worry Xi Kui said lightly. Wang Qianqian also came over during the conversation. Bai Yingxu saw that she always looked down at the corner of her skirt and said, "Sister Qianqian, ask my assistant to give you some paper clips to put on your skirt. We will also encounter this situation when we make a notice. You can't see it when you put on the card." Wang Qianqian did not speak, meaning to agree. Bai Yingxu pushed the first thought: "Hurry up!" Xi Kui didn't notice for a while, but as soon as he turned around, he was squatting on the ground to fix his skirt. His face was cold and his eyes narrowed to come over. Someone said: "General Manager Xi, don't go yet. Let's take a photo together." The speaker had already taken out his cell phone and rushed to the other side and said, "Promise to take a group photo together. Just ask your assistant to take a picture for us." "I didn't notice Wang Qianqian at all just now, but when I saw it, I was annoyed and irritable." "Do your own thing if you want to." There was something worse behind Xi, but Chu Nian said with a smile, non standard fasteners ,Investment casting parts, "It doesn't matter. When I used to volunteer to help the disabled, I often helped them tidy up their clothes. It doesn't matter." She had just been put in that situation and could not help it. As an assistant, it was nothing to help tidy up the clothes. She did not want to refute the white promise of face and let the hard work of the night be wasted. But that doesn't mean she's afraid of Wang Qianqian. Wang Qianqian clenched her fist, her face still holding a decent lady's air. With a sneer, Chu Nian took the cell phone handed over and raised his voice: "Is it all right to take a banner?" After taking the photo, a little star standing on the side came over: "General Manager Xi, shall we take a photo alone?"? Do you remember that I have endorsed the products of your group before? Xi did not remember at all, "uh-huh" twice. This kind of occasion is a respectable person, but experience and wealth mostly depend on time accumulation. Although Xi Kui is also a person who wants to go up to thirty years old, but put in these men, it is really young and promising. With his attractive appearance, it is not uncommon for women to take a fancy to him. If you take a photo, you can ask for a phone call to send the photo to each other. The little star is a little anxious. When taking a photo, he directly took Xi's arm. Xi first took a quick look at the first read, and then very disgusted to break off the little star's hand. The little star said coquettishly: "Oh, why is General Manager Xi still so conservative?" It was also said to smooth things over: "Yes, yes, she and the leading actor in the group are all like buddies, and they are not too evasive when taking pictures together." The little star said that he was going to stretch out his hand again, but he fended it off. It's not that I'm conservative, but that the one in my family has a bad temper. If I finish taking pictures like this, she'll have to take off my arm when I go back. With a pale face, Xi took two steps to take away the mobile phone in Chu Nian's hand, patted her hand on the back of her head, bowed her head and said in her ear, "You try to smile at another man again." Everyone looked at each other, and then clear. Only the first read glared at Xi. Bai promised to flatten his mouth: "Xiao Chu, how did you..." "What's her name, Xiao Chu? Bai Yingxu. She's older than you." Xi Kui interrupted her. Bai promised, "Huh?" There was a sound. She is one year younger than me. Xi Kui looked at the first read, a little bit of fierce momentum, with a smile in the corner of his eyes, "to be exact, I am five months and one day younger, right?" Chu Nian bit his lower lip and glared at Xi again. She always felt that Xi Jigang was taking advantage of her, but there was no definite evidence, after all, they did not name names. It was someone next to him who said, "I didn't hear that General Manager Xi got married. Is this a good thing?" "It's still early," Xi replied with a smile. "I'm in a hurry, but they're not." At first, he opened his mouth and showed some lovely stubbornness on his slightly angry face. Xi Kui is not angry, more appears to maintain spoiling. One second,alloy die casting, he was a small assistant, and now he has become a member of General Manager Xi of Xingfei Group. No one dared to explore the reasons directly because of the occasion and Xi's temperament, but many people on the spot were still sour in their hearts. Chu Nian gritted his teeth and ran away for a reason. Xi Qi nodded to everyone and ran after them. autoparts-dx.com 


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