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She raised her voice and questioned the past. Kong Shi was also startled. She had been used to the fact that her little daughter was not as capricious as before. Suddenly, when she saw her little daughter making a noise again, she was a little afraid. Then she was annoyed. "yuan Niang, what's your attitude?" "All right." Xie Fu interrupted his wife, "yuan Niang is right, call their sisters to come over today, just ask, and no one testified that they took it." Kong Shi is not happy that her husband said so, "You spoil her, see what kind of spoiling, and then spoil me to say that marriage is difficult, so contradict the elders, who dares to have such a daughter-in-law?" Xie Fu frowned tightly, "Ji Rou." In front of his daughter, he called Kong Shi's name, which was already a sign of his father's anger. Kong Shi pursed his lips. "You just spoil it. I don't care." He twisted aside and sat alone sulking. When Father Xie saw that his wife was no longer talking, he looked at his two daughters, smiled appeasingly at his youngest daughter, and let them sit down again. Then he asked, "I heard Brother Wang say that Sister Hui came to borrow books a while ago?" Xie Wenhui knelt on the ground, "The official seal was lost by her daughter. She always wanted to tell her father that she was afraid of being scolded by her father, so she didn't tell him." Suddenly, Kong Shi forgot to be angry. "Sister Hui." Obviously, Kong Shi felt that the eldest daughter was helping the youngest daughter to take responsibility, staring at the youngest daughter, with sharp eyes, Xie yuanniang lightly staring at the ground, directly ignoring the mother's eyes. Xie yuan-niang was not thinking about the mother-daughter relationship, but did not want her father to be difficult in the middle, and she was more curious about her sister taking her father's official seal. Xie Wenhui said,Automatic nail machine, "My daughter came to the study to borrow books that day. When she saw the official seal on the table, she felt that the seal was special. She took it back to Mochizuki Tower and thought about it carefully. She didn't want to fall into the pool in the front yard of Mochizuki Tower on the way, and let people fish it up for a few days." "So that's it." The gloomy look on Father Xie's face receded. "Get up." "The daughter knows her mistake and asks her father to punish her." Xie Wenhui didn't get up. Father Xie said, "You are also an unintentional act. How can a father punish you?". Get up, and you must not kneel at every turn. Then he explained, "The official seal is not like a private seal. I am afraid that it will be stolen by a conscientious person, so I will ask people to check it.". You have always been prudent, and this is also your unintentional act. Don't be so careless in the future. Can you remember it? Xie Wenhui answered in a soft voice, then stood up and sat down aside. The hand under her sleeve clenched a few words, and now everyone could say she was wrong, but when that happened, her father would thank her, and everyone would thank her. Mother, now that my sister has admitted it, my mother won't doubt me any more, will she? "Xie yuanniang is not the one who suffers losses. With a sneer, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, no matter how ugly her mother's face is, she looks at her father with a smile." The official seal is lost. I'm afraid my father can't do it when he works, right? It will take some time to report back to the higher authorities, and then a new official seal will be carved by the public. Xie Fu nodded, "Zong Ren Fu usually has nothing to do, with the official seal of the time is not much, this matter will not delay anything." It was originally a colleague who wanted to do the matter of printing money, so he asked Xie Fu. Xie yuanniang knew the inside story, and the question just now was just to remind his father to put it on the surface, so that his colleagues would not feel that Xie Fu was prevaricating. Father Xie didn't think much about it, but it was his daughter's words that woke him up. Originally, his colleagues didn't want to nod. Now it was a good excuse, that is, the eldest daughter took the official seal privately. He thought it was a good thing, but these things were not easy to say to his daughters, so he pressed them in his heart. After coming out of the study, Xie's father was afraid that his little daughter would feel uncomfortable, so he slowed down and talked to her in the back. It was just that your mother was too worried about the accident, so she said something like that in a hurry. In this way, Xie yuan-niang's ears would hear the cocoon, and she answered it on her face, but she didn't say what she thought in her heart. In front of Kong Shi is also asking the eldest daughter, "Hui elder sister, you always steady, how to do such a thing?"? Did yuan Niang do it? You helped her take the blame? Until this time, Kong Shi did not believe that the eldest daughter had done it. How could Xie Wenhui let Xie yuanniang get such a good thing? "Mother, I did it. It has nothing to do with my sister. She doesn't know anything about it." As soon as the Zong Ren Mansion incident came out, there was no father inside, and then everyone would naturally thank her. Chapter 53: Ethnology Debate 12 (Maternal Love) Happy in the heart, face Xie Wenhui but dare not show, a guilty look at the mother. Kong Shi frowned slightly. "You..". Forget it You've been sensible since you were a child. It's just that this is only allowed to happen once. You must not learn to fool around like yuan Niang. Do you hear that? "I know." Xie Wenhui really felt that her mother did not like Xie yuanniang. She was really curious and could only test, "Mother, is what you said today too heavy?"? I'm afraid she'll feel bad. Kong Shi worried about her daughter's expression and paused. "I'll tell her about this later. If she hadn't been fooling around too much on weekdays, how could I have thought of her in advance? I can only blame her for fooling around too much." "I think yuan Niang has become sensible these days, and her mother has not observed it carefully." When Xie Wenhui heard her mother say this, she felt that she was thinking too much again. Kong Shi waved his hand, "The day after tomorrow is the clan debate, to be held for half a month, the beginning of March is the day of spring, your eldest brother will also attend, your father is such a brother, our family can not but pay attention to.". February is the day of the release of the list, do not know what will happen, where there is time to observe her. After Xie Fu and Xie yuanniang caught up, Kong Shi also stopped, to the quiet door of Anju four people separated, Xie yuanniang and Xie Wenhui went to the backyard, on the way Xie yuaniang asked, "When did my sister like seal carving?"? I've got some books on seal cutting. If my sister likes them,Nail machine manufacturer, I'll ask the maid to send them to you tomorrow. "When the debate is over, I'm afraid I won't have time to read books in the next half month." Xie Wenhui came prepared this time, and naturally believed that she could go to the end. Xie yuan-niang smiled and did not speak. 3shardware.com 


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