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Several children ate the fish, and each of them ate a steamed bun, barely full, and began to try to catch fish in the water. Zhou Xiaoan saw them all gone, then took out a handkerchief bag from the bag and gave it to Zhou Yuehai, "Uncle, you must not be full, I left it for you!" He only ate two fish tails and heads, and a small piece of steamed bread, because it was a little burnt over there, otherwise he would not eat a mouthful, and would leave it to them. He must have walked a long way to come, did not rest to find them, for them busy for a long time but a mouthful are reluctant to eat, Zhou Xiaoan thought about it, handed him his kettle, "Uncle,Nail machine manufacturer, you eat well here and have a rest, these things are only allowed to eat by yourself, no one is allowed to give!" Afraid of Zhou Yuehai's refusal, she ran away. Zhou Yuehai looked at the food wrapped in the small flower handkerchief that Zhou Xiaoan often used, and the feeling in his heart was very complicated. Since he was a few years old, he had to bring home a fixed amount of firewood and dig wild vegetables every day. Later, he had to get back a fixed amount of wages every year. He always had a responsibility on his shoulders. When he grew up,Coil nail machine, whether in the army or in front of his sisters-in-law and nephews, he was a pillar. He was used to solving everything. He took care of others. For the first time, someone had no reason to take care of him and open a small kitchen for him to eat. Zhou Yuehai gently untied the handkerchief, smoothing its edges and corners as he untied it. The process was serious and solemn, like a major ceremony in his life. He spread out the small floral handkerchief that Zhou Xiaoan usually used. Inside were two steamed buns with pickles and two boiled eggs. Zhou Yuehai picked up the steamed bread and took a bite, chewing it carefully, looking at Zhou Xiaoan not far away with a smile. She sat on the big stone, carefully observed the surface of the water for a long time, and then tried to put her feet into the water, clever and lively like a squirrel who came to the water source for the first time to drink water, so that people could not help but look at the smile in her heart. Several children searched in the water for a long time but did not see the fish, and without Zhou Yuehai to accompany them, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, they all ran to the shore to explore. Zhou Xiaoan soaked his feet for a while and followed him. She was strange and curious about everything in the mountains and countryside, and soon made a few jokes. Several children laughed at her while acting as her little teacher and took her everywhere with great interest. Zhou Xiaoan ran for a while and asked Man Cang and Dahe to go to the river to wash the sweat on their faces. When he saw Dajiang standing under a tree with a stick trying to reach something, he ran over to help him. "Can't you reach it?"? I'll help you! With these words, he took the stick and knocked down the black thing that Dajiang wanted. The river cried out that it was too late to stop her and pulled her to run. "Run!"! That's a hornet's nest! Without his explanation, Zhou Xiaoan knew that as soon as the black thing fell to the ground, there was a roar, and a small black cloud rushed towards them with the wind. Zhou Xiaoan pulled Dajiang to run forward desperately, while running, he did not forget to warn the two children by the river, "Hornets are coming!"! Run in the opposite direction! But compared to the angry wasps, she and Oe are too slow! They just ran out more than ten meters and felt the roar behind them getting closer and closer, and she and Dajiang were about to be surrounded by angry wasps. Dajiang is only six years old. In an emergency, his legs are weak when he is afraid. He can't run at all. He is so frightened that he stands in place and cries loudly. Zhou Xiaoan ran a few steps with him in his arms. The speed was slower. The moment before the wasps rushed to them, Zhou Xiaoan pulled off his clothes and wrapped Dajiang's head. They threw themselves on the ground together. She protected Dajiang under her body. "Don't move!"! It'll be all right! The expected pain did not come as scheduled, her head was immediately covered with a dress, uncle's voice sounded on his head, "Don't move!" Zhou Xiaoan was so frightened that his pounding heart quieted down in an instant, only to feel two huge strong winds on his body, like big branches with leaves sweeping quickly and forcefully near her, and the wasps that had just rushed at her like a torrential rain were swept away, and even the huge buzzing sound that made people feel nervous dispersed. Just as Zhou Xiaoan was about to pull down his clothes to see the situation, his body was suddenly pressed, and the clothes on his head were pressed tightly by his uncle, and then the whole person was protected by him, "Don't look up, don't move!" Zhou Xiaoan had not yet understood what was going on, and the buzzing sound just now quickly began to ring in his ears. Jiao Jiao will finish her business trip on the 25th. Let's stick to it for another five days. Wan Geng and Pan Mingyuan will not come until after the 25th. (To be continued.) Chapter 255 thrills Zhou Xiaoan was sweating in his clothes when he was released by Zhou Yuehai. The hornet swarm has dispersed, the white sun shines on her eyes, she can not care about anything, hurried to see Zhou Yuehai, "uncle!" Although the swarm of wasps was scattered and killed by Zhou Yuehai with big branches, it could be heard from the buzzing sound, and finally some of them came up. She and Dajiang were protected by their uncle, but the uncle who protected them suffered all the attacks of wasps for them. Zhou Yuehai had already put on the vest covering his head and was anxiously checking Zhou Xiaoan. He quickly scanned her whole body and lifted her arm. Her exposed shoulder was stung by a wasp with a big red envelope. "Is there any other place to be stung?"? Do you have any injuries? Where does it hurt? Dizzy not dizzy? Zhou Xiaoan then found his shoulder bag, was reminded to feel a sharp pain, but endure shaking his head, to check Zhou Yuehai, "Uncle, were you stung by a wasp?"? Let me see! Zhou Yuehai put on his coat as if nothing had happened. "I'm fine. The swarm was scattered by me. I didn't care about stinging people. I just shouted around us for a while and left." As he spoke, he put Zhou Xiaoan's clothes on her,iron nail machine, carefully avoided the big bag on her shoulder, and took her back. "Let's go to the doctor to see you. Maybe the stinger is still inside, and it will cause allergic reactions after a long time.". Don't be afraid. I'll give you some medicine and it won't hurt so much. 。 3shardware.com 


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