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Xiao Shao heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and just now he thought he had almost been exposed. This Zhuangyuanlang looks at people's eyes, like his natural peach blossom eyes with a smile, like a smile, there is always a feeling that the whole person is seen through. He suddenly had an impulse to make such a pair of peach blossom eyes cry out. It's better to be under him, because the beautiful peach blossom eyes are full of tears because it can't bear his pressure. [Ding, target favorability increases by one, current favorability is six] Chapter 59 after the organ is exhausted (9). Weiyang Palace. The pure imperial concubine's eyeliner cannot be said to be all over the capital, this palace news, anything can escape her palm. Are you saying that the man has the same name as Qing Yu's son? Chunfei took a sip of tea and asked the men below. "Yes," his subordinate replied, "and the article he wrote to win the first prize was a complete copy of the Flying Flower Order of Qing Yu's son in those years." "Oh?" Pure imperial concubine asks: "What about his appearance?"? And that. "" She wanted to say that bitch, but after thinking about it, she changed her tune: "Does Mr. Qing Yu look like him?" "Not like," his hand shook his head: "Qing Yu Childe described Qingleng, and that person looks... Gorgeous. A gorgeous is already the most common word he can think of, in fact, many people see Sharan at first sight, will give birth to a kind of people want. The taste of humiliation, in association with that person's experience,needle valve manufacturer, is actually very easy to understand: "We have checked, the identity of that person was originally the head of a small restaurant in Fuzhou, do not know how to redeem themselves, but also went to Beijing to take the imperial examination." "The emperor put him in the other courtyard of Anhuafu?" "Yes, and the assistant minister of the Ministry of Punishment." Is a self-righteous, want to challenge the position of Qing Yu in the heart of your majesty, the means is fresh. The pure imperial concubine suddenly sneered and put down her teacup. All right, you can go. "Call the prince,hydraulic fitting manufacturer," she said. Men hurriedly retired, pure imperial concubine drinking tea, waiting for the arrival of the prince. She didn't have much sense of crisis about the new "Number One Scholar". In the past three years, I don't know how many men and women have tried to climb up Xiao Shao's bed disguised as Qingyu Childe. They have used up all kinds of tricks, and even one of them is like Qingyu Childe. Even when the pure imperial concubine saw him for the first time, she was in a trance. However, the fate of these people is not very good, generally not into prison, is directly three feet of white silk to death. Xiao Shao refused all these people, and at first he would give them a very sweet bait-for example, to give them a high position, for example, to give them gold, but what followed was not the emperor's favor, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,tube fitting manufacturer, but a lot of difficulties. Do you imitate the face of Qingyu Childe? I'm sorry, he's never been like you. That cup, it's not like that. Chop. Do you say you have the talent of Qing Yu's son? Sorry, you come to me to approve this memorial, if you don't have the insight of Qing Yu Childe, then you don't need this hand. Do you say you like the white clothes that Qing Yu likes? Sorry, you used a red headband today, so you don't even need this headband for your head. Xiao Shao looked coldly at their clownish appearance, watching them think that they had confused the emperor and were complacent, and then fell into the abyss, which had become one of his few entertainment activities in the past three years. In the past three years, I don't know how many people in the harem were in high positions and fell heavily. Later, the palace people were too lazy to count the jade dishes. Anyway, they knew that the emperor would kill them in a few days. But these things usually happen in the palace, outside the palace is rare, now according to the pure imperial concubine, Xiao Shao seems to have just found a new toy. No need for her hand, Xiao Shao tired of playing, that person naturally did not come to a good end, the pure imperial concubine thought. But this is a good opportunity to grind the prince, pure imperial concubine looked at the prince a face reluctantly came over, hurriedly pulled him over with a smile, want to make a motherly look, just see the black veil on the left arm of the prince, she is really unable to maintain a smile. "Why are you still wearing this black veil?" The pure imperial concubine took the hand that the prince wanted to pull away: "How unlucky!" Prince to this birth mother actually has not had any too many expressions: "The son minister father dies, must observe filial piety for three years according to reason." When the pure imperial concubine heard this, she was almost out of breath: "Where did your father die?"? Isn't your father sitting on the throne! Are you cursing the death of the emperor? "I dare not," said the prince lightly. But he had no intention of removing the black veil from his hand. The pure imperial concubine was so angry that she watched helplessly as her son jumped out of her stomach, and how she felt after three years of filial piety to her rival in love! Prince every day with the black veil representing filial piety dangling, Xiao Shao also does not care about him, he is so three years, others say that one of the prince's parents died-naturally dare not say that the emperor, then only her! The better legend is that the birth mother of the prince is not her, the prince is missing the birth mother, almost directly rumors that she died long ago! The pure imperial concubine really hates the iron not to become the steel, how is being cursed by own son to die every day? But she didn't dare to speak, because the prince was the only thing she could rely on for the rest of her life. Three years ago, she gave up the hope of having another one. She had to soften her voice and ask, "Do you know that your father has accepted a boy pet with the same name as Qing Yu's son?" The prince replied respectfully but rudely, "He is not a boy pet. He is the Number One Scholar of this year, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Punishment." The pure imperial concubine tries hard to calm the anger in the heart, so that she can speak to the prince calmly: "Just a new number one scholar, if not for the evil fate with Qing Yu's son, how can he be directly given the official position of the fifth grade?"? Huai Yu, don't think things are too simple. "I have read his articles,ball valve manufacturer," said the prince. "He has genuine talent and learning." What he saw was not the order of flying flowers on the positive side of Sharan, but the way of governing the country on the negative side. Although he did not like this man in his heart, he also knew that Zhuangyuanlang was talented. He answered truthfully. chinaroke.com 


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