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The application level should peruse and compose information to a client oversaw data set bunch. There should be no admittance to the information base from the Internet, however the bunch should have the option to get programming patches from the Internet. Which VPC configuration meets these necessities? A. Public subnets for both the application level and the information base group B. Public subnets for the application level, and private subnets for the information base bunch C. Public subnets for the application level and NAT Gateway, and private subnets for the information base AWS Exam Questions bunch D. Public subnets for the application level, and private subnets for the information base group and NAT GatewayD – IAM functions for EC2 occasions permit applications running on the occurrence to get to AWS Exam Questions assets without making and store any entrance keys. Any arrangement including the formation of an entrance key at that point presents the unpredictability of dealing with that mystery. 2) B, D – Both DynamoDB and ElastiCache give superior stockpiling of key-esteem sets. CloudWatch and ELB are not capacity administrations. 

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