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On My Days Good I Also Do Sometimes My Can Do It Later In The Day Earlier In The Day It Really Is Up To Really Intense Heavy Training Sessions Absolutely Freakin Love This I've Been Recommending It To All My Clients And It's The Progress That I Have Seen With This The The Results Has Been Awesome So I Carbon Tank And Watching The Sugar Intake In Watching The Fat Intake My Carb Sources Are Going To Come For More Complex Carbs So My Rice My Potatoes My Oatmeal's My Cream Of Rice Maybe Do My Rice Krispies Treats Pre-workout Again That'll Be Really The Only Sugar I've Been Taking Maybe With Some Fruit But That's Going To Be Watched Very Closely You're Going To Stick To About 50 60 Grams Of Without The Added Carbs Or Protein It's Just Straight Fat So Then You Can Really Track Your Fats Easily Really Watching The Fat In Keto Slim XT  take Of What My Sources Are Before I Was Doing A Lot Of Cheese Cheese And Cream Cheese And A Protein At Sticking With A Lot Of Lean Proteins So I'm Not Doing Any Red Meat So I'm Not Doing Any High Fat Turkeys And Doing Very Lean Turkey Chicken Whitefish Shrimp Egg Whites My Flavor Date Whites My Whey Proteins Which I'm Only Doing A Whey Protein Right After My 


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