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Hi friends, here is the complete list of rates according to the class of escort in Pune. If you are finding a virgin female high-class escort then rates are above 10000 rupees and for member discounts, discounts are as per given on the membership card. This is the latest rate mentioned by Pune escort service providers right now. If you are looking for college girl with experience than rates are much low as compared to virgin escorts and this category is loved by most of the clients. Housewife escorts in Pune are now a day on a high pace and everyone love to get pleasure from sexy housewife with their photos in advance. Their perfect figure is what attracts clients much faster than other escorts. Housewife female escorts thighs are much heavier which are as smooth as butter and shaved for client’s comfort. These housewife female Pune escorts are liked by all the individuals who have recently taken the services. 



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