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  Then, you can use Thwait's key to OSRS Gold unlock the safe. Surprise! Surprise! He can use his special when below 10% HP and is equipped with Dragon Claws. His Max is 15, and his maximum is reached once he has used his special. 

He can hit 5, 6, 8 or 7 HP based on the intensity he applies it. If you hit that, then you just need some decent food. Martin Thwait will appear when you kill him. I was surprised by your success Haha! Well I have news for you, this is far from over! Martin Thwait will vanish in a puff. Sadly, he will leave an unreadable scroll. It will say"There are two Kings, each of one origin one being jealous, the other awe-inspiring. I will be speaking as you gaze at the rising tide of the two people who have joined. 

This is obvious. Freminnik Isle, but which? Take a ferry charter to Jatizo and then Mord Gunnar. There will be a stranger on the dock. Make a mistake and fool yourself! The Stranger hits Mord Gunnar and gives him a 25. He dies and leaves the Map of the Seas. The Stranger isn't about to give up! Take out Bandit (Level-69). He wields the Rune Dagger P+ and can poke you for as long as 4. Once he dies, he will drop Clue Scroll. Read it to uncover: Circle of Evil in an abandoned town, in a muddy swathe of unnoticed dangers, I am being wanted by a rebel and you must look out of the depression and into the dark; find me and you will be able to take a second part. Burgh De Rotte is the obvious answer. Speak with any of these 6 citizens. You are welcome back... just in case you need it. You are right! Cower in my shadow! Now, defeat the Stranger (Level-69) and he'll be dead. 

He is the only one who has a Dragon Dagger, and will never utilize the special. He is a fairy easy target and will drop Thwait's Key. Thaiwt's key allows you to locate an alternative. Click Read Key, to read what your character has written. It will take you to the tunnel that the theives are. The richest of 100 thousand scarabs is hidden deep under the dunes. Pyramid Plunder is a great place to buy osrs accounts cheap search for the man. There will be a short cutscene when you finish the mini-game.


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