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Hai Ruyue said, "It's good to be careless with me. What you showed in the battle that day was not only your strength, but also your extremely rich combat experience. Where did you get this experience?"? I don't know anything about you. Qi Yue shrugged his shoulders and said, "Do you think I went to Taklimakan for a month to eat?"? If you have a chance to go there, you will understand how I came to these battles. Hai Ruyue snorted and said, "Be careful anyway. I'll find out what you're hiding later. Hum." Qi Yue said discontentedly, "How can you be private with my mother? I haven't been raised by my father since I was a child, and I don't have my mother to take care of me. Now you are.." Seeing Hai Ruyue's face change, he quickly swallowed the second half of the sentence back. Qi Yue, Mingming doesn't seem to know what a bus means, but I've investigated you in detail before. Would you like me to tell Mingming the story of the bus before you and Xiao? Hearing this, Qi Yue's face suddenly stepped down, "Stop, I, I was wrong, okay?"? Sister Ruyue, please let me go. My family and I have just started! "Your Mingming, hum, you must have cut off your left face and pasted it on the right." "What do you mean?" "One side is shameless and the other is shameless." “……” Looking at the back of Hai Ruyue's departure, Qi Yue was really speechless and found that he was more and more confused about the character of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, his depression soon died, because Xu Dong had just told him that tonight, he would take himself,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Xiao Yi and Master Zaglu to experience what is called the life of the world of mortals. Chapter 57 good waist, good kidney (I). As night fell, Mingming and Hai Ruyue stood on the balcony of the villa and looked at the broad green space below. At this time, four figures are quietly walking out of the villa, along the edge of the courtyard green quietly walking out. Hai Ruyue looked at Mingming and said, "Are you so indulgent to him?"? They're not going to do any good out there with a couple of guys. Mingming smiled and said, "a man should have his own space.". What's more, he is a Kirin,wire nail making machine, not to mention the experience of the world of mortals is the master's own request. I never thought to limit what Qi Yue, the master is not said, in the absence of four confidants, he must maintain the body of a child, I have nothing to be afraid of. Hai Ruyue also smiled and gently hugged Mingming's shoulder. "Silly girl, don't underestimate the lasciviousness of these guys.". Isn't it just four women? If they are willing to find four women for Qi Yue, there is nothing wrong with a five-P. Mingming's face changed slightly and he said in astonishment, "No, Sister Ruyue, don't scare me." The smile on Hai Ruyue's face is stronger, "I'm joking, Qi Yue has such a beautiful girlfriend as you, how can ordinary people get into the eyes?"? You know, he's not the little ruffian he used to be, at least he's a ruffian with a little taste. Mingming also laughed, "Yes!"! Even if Qi Yue wants to take a fancy to another woman, nail manufacturing machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, at least she has to be like Sister Ruyue. Hee hee, sister Ruyue, your chest is so big. Let me touch it. "Little woman, do you want to be beaten?" Ruyue laughed and scolded and patted off Mingming's hand grasping the milk dragon claw. Don't let me touch it. Don't you want him to touch it? Ah, sister Ruyue, I was wrong, don't tickle me. Qi Yue Xu Dongyan Xiaoyi with Zaglu a line of four people quietly out of the Longyu courtyard, Xu Dong has already parked his car at the gate of the courtyard. Four people get on the bus separately, Yan Xiaoyi can't help asking, "Boss, if you go out with us to corrupt, aren't you afraid of Mingming's anger?" "My family obviously won't care about me," said Qi Yue. "Obviously, as long as I have her in my heart, it's all right. Besides, I'm not going out to do anything. I'm just accompanying the master to see the world of mortals. Yan Xiaoyi was a little jealous and said, "Depend on it, then you're not following orders to pick up girls.". How can I not be so lucky to find a best girlfriend without restrictions? Boss, your luck is too good. ” Qi Yue smiled and said, "Who told us to have a good character?" Yan Xiaoyi compared the middle finger to Qi Yue, "boss, frankly speaking, you are really strong this time!"! If I were Mingming, I'm afraid I couldn't escape from your palm. Confess quickly. You saved Mingming with your own blood. Was it premeditated? Qi Yue snorted and said, "Premeditate your head. At that time, I didn't care about anything else.". I'm not you, and you can't measure me by the thoughts of your own hands. Damn, are you a serious person? But I didn't know you were still a virgin, boss. Alas, a man who has not tasted a woman's taste is not a real man at all! It's itchy, isn't it? It seems that I should give you a special training to let you know why the flowers are so red. "*** you, boss, you will use this means to bully me this little sheep.". Master, you must help me! Yan Xiaoyi looked at Zaglu for help. Zaglu looked at him helplessly and said, "Little B, it's not that I don't want to help you, but I don't even understand what you mean. How can I help you?"? Want not to be threatened is actually very simple, as long as your strength improves, Qi Yue naturally can not bully you. Yan Xiaoyi said with a wry smile, "It's not that easy. Compared with the eldest brother, I'm like a man in heaven and a man on the ground." Xu Dong started the car to the city and said, "You can't say that. When I first met the boss, he didn't even have a cloud."? How about now? Through his own efforts. It has caught up with or even surpassed me in strength. Nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to work hard. As soon as Yan Xiaoyi's heart moved, she thought about it and said, "This is also true. I have begun to work hard recently.". You must guide me more later. Oh, by the way, lewd tiger, where are we going to corrupt today. I'm familiar with the capital. Would you like me to take you to a good place with many best sisters? Xu Dong smiled, his soft voice still sounded so soft, "No, even if you are more familiar with the capital than I am,Nail production machine, but I may not be able to play, I will take you there, naturally is a good place." 。 3shardware.com 


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