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A personal favourite! One of the best ways to earn a living is crafting. You can kill cows in Lumbridge, take their cowhides and turn them into RS gold leather (or hard leather) when your crafting level is higher (28+). So basically you get an entire inventory of cowhides (28) and then turn them into leather (28 coins spent) or hard leather (84 coins spent). Find a needle and thread, and you can begin making.

For f2p (free to play) people the best item you can make with leather is a studded leather body. Have you been in an unplanned event, and stumbled upon an item of a certain kind and said, "Whatever... I'll just deposit it into my account and keep it until I'm in need of it"? Now is the time you need it because in crafting you can also transform gems and gold into jewelry pieces. A crafting level 22 is needed to make the most basic jewelry item that includes a gemstone. A gold bar, a mold and a gem are all you require to make jewelry that contains gems. You would then "use" the gold bar from your furnace and choose the kind of jewelry you want. It's really that easy! I consider that crafting is a wonderful art that, when used correctly, will make you lots of money. Mining is among the most popular skills within Runescape.

Why? Mining is an excellent method to earn money. The greatest aspect is that you don't need to be very skilled in mining. The money starts racking in at the age of 15!! Rune/pure essence (iron ore), coal, mithril and adamantite are among the biggest money-makers in mining. Here are some places to mine: Note: I will state if I include mining guilds when I refer to the Dwarven mines. It is necessary to be completed Rune Mysteries in order to mine pure essence/rune. After you are done the quest, you can speak to Audbury to transfer you to the rune/pure essence mine. Dwarven mines (located near Falador) contain a large amount of iron rocks. Additionally, the mine north of Al-Kharid is a great iron ore mine. There are many locations where coal can be mined. You can travel north-west to Edgeville and find an area that is home to 34 rock. Downside, however, is that it's located in the middle of nowhere.

South-west Lumbridge, however, is ideal to mine coal. The Dwarven mine, which is home to the mining guild remains the most suitable place to mine coal. Mithril can be mined in a variety of locations, including south-west, Al-Kharid, north of Al-Kharid and south Crandor Island. There are as well Dwarven mines, which include the mining guild. They are located to the north-east of the Lava-Maze. Mining is an art that cheap OSRS gold can quickly make you money. It's a fantastic skill that I recommend to everyone.

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