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Neustyle body forskolin this is something I want to continue to do and kind of continue to maintain my weight and stuff so I kind of feel like doing the key to lifestyle mixing with the fasting and kind of doing my own modified thing has been working for me I've been consistent for the last six months so that's one good thing so in 2019 I just want to focus on really working out like actually getting a person a trainer getting some muscles I really want to see if I can get like not a super athletic build but just kind of a more you know structured muscular build you know athletic vibe you know kind of look you know just hooked on me up a lot I'm not the type to Gillig lipo my arms I kind of feel like that's kind of weird so I'm really trying to work on my arms and stuff like that and you know just kind of being you know just really physical this year and stuff like that as far as my weight loss hopefully I can maintain the weight loss that's one of the major 


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