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Dismember is an asymmetrical bleed skill that can be extremely useful for those who love the melee-style of combat. When Dismember is activated it creates a an bleed effect on the opponent . This can deal up to 188% weapon injury to an opponent within six minutes. This is a skill with high-DP that requires no effort to acquire, and players should definitely be running this ability in their action bar as soon as their levels and settings allow for. However, players should be aware that it has a lengthy time limit of 15 seconds, making it necessary to supplement their arsenal with other powerful melee skills. Greater Fury has to be used with 24 Strength to use which means it is unlockable in the early stages of a player's journey. It's the enhanced variant of the Fury ability, and is an asset to anyone using the melee style of combat. This ability can be obtained through looking through the Greater Fury ability's codex which is available within Dragonkin Laboratory. Dragonkin Laboratory. Greater Fury delivers a single hit that can do up to an 85% chance of damage and is a only skill available to members. When players log into an open-to-play environment this ability will be reverted back to Fury when they sign back in to a member's world. Players should get this when they are able to in their journey to the completionist cape. Flurry gets updated to Greater Flurry when the player goes through the Greater Flurry codex from the Dragonkin Laboratory. Greater Flurry is a great choice for players looking for a powerful damage output, who also like to connect abilities. While RuneScape gets better after a short time, it's abilities like this that will quickly boost the amount of fun that players can have with the game.

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