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"There's something wrong with the car!" "The car is leaking, it must be leaking!" Yi Tianxing was somewhat satisfied with his ability to control the fire in the air, and no longer listened to the quarrels between the passengers and the train attendants. He buried his head in his arms and fell asleep. …… I do not know how long, the train finally passed through the Qinling Mountains, came to the rolling hills. It was four o'clock in the afternoon. Yi Tianxing put his head out of the window and looked at the road ahead against the wind. He faintly saw some white smoke rising in the sky ahead, and the scenery around him became worldly. Only then did he know that the provincial capital was coming. The swearing passengers were already sleepy by this time, and the box lunch sellers on the train were busy making the last money. Yi Tianxing tore open the package of the bowl of instant noodles, poured some mineral water into it while people were not paying attention, and then held it with an expressionless face. After a while, his palm heated the instant noodles to boil, and he ate the hot noodles happily. When the stomach was full, the train stopped slowly. Yi Tianxing burped, shouldered his own household goods, and followed the crowded crowd on the hard-seat carriage to get off. In the distance, he saw a black Nissan Bluebird parked on the platform on the other side of the sleeping car. The whole line was smooth and smooth, and it looked so beautiful that it might have come to pick up someone. He couldn't help exclaiming, "The people in the provincial capital are really rich,car radiator cap, and this car is better than the one our county magistrate took." The conductor, who was still standing at the gate of the train, heard his exclamation and could not help laughing and said, "You are really a country bumpkin who has never seen the world.". This car is nothing in the provincial capital, just. These people can drive their cars to the platform to pick up people, and it seems that they are also picking up some big people. Yi Tianxing was too lazy to pay attention to him. He packed his bags and was ready to leave the platform. Unexpectedly,die casting parts, looking at the car, there were more than a dozen people who seemed to be looking for someone but didn't find one. They ran anxiously along the long train. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 30 Jia Ding yuan Ye Yi Tianxing stopped because he felt something strange. As expected, those people slowly found the hard-seat carriage and surrounded Yi Tianxing in the middle. One of them, a middle-aged man in a black T-shirt, held a photo in his hand and looked at Yi Tianxing for a long time. It seemed that he could not confirm it. He simply handed the photo to Yi Tianxing. Look, is it you? This group of people are not good at first sight, but the middle-aged man in the black T-shirt speaks very politely. Yi Tianxing is a little funny, how can he find someone to recognize himself? But he also vaguely guessed what, took the photo, a look, it is what he thought. The photo was taken in the second year of high school when the county organized a trip to Sanyou Cave. It was also a rare photo taken by Yi Tianxing, or a group photo. He looked at the picture and found, Magnetic Drain Plug ,metal stamping parts, with some amusement, that his face had been carefully circled with a red pen among the dense heads in the picture. It's me, and you are? The middle-aged man looked at him and answered without much doubt. He winked at the men around him, and they all bowed in unison. At the door of the train, a group of big men bowed their heads to a poor and sour student. Welcome the third young master to the provincial capital. …… …… The conductor, who had been watching the scene of bustle and seeing the misty clouds, was dumbfounded until they left for a long time, keeping an amazing distance between his chin and his upper lip. The people who came were a group of close subordinates of the ancient master in the provincial capital. The one wearing a black T-shirt was yuan Ye, who was the closest attendant of the ancient master. He had been working with the ancient family since 1978. Since ancient times, after the old man returned to the county town, Gu Da and Gu Er were very strange not to go to the province, so now the business in the provincial capital is under his care. A few days ago, he received a phone call from the old man in the county. He was still a little puzzled. He wondered where the third young master had come from? At this time, looking at Yi Tianxing's inconspicuous and shabby appearance, his heart was even more murmured. But after all, the underworld pays attention to family rules and regulations. Moreover, the old man's tone on the phone was very strong. He asked him to listen to the third young master's orders. He had the idea of giving the provincial capital business to this young man, so he was also very respectful. yuan Ye thought of this, puzzled, looked sideways at Yi Tianxing with a calm face, and opened the door of the Bluebird car for him. Yi Tianxing didn't get on the bus. By nature, he was disgusted with people in the underworld. Although he had a relationship with the old man a few days ago and was moved by the old man during the conversation, he still returned to his usual disgust afterwards. Although he believed that the old man had something to rely on and was somewhat sincere, he had always felt that he was still using each other. At this time, he felt a little uncomfortable looking at a large group of big men around him, not to mention being watched by people coming and going, which was even more unpleasant. He made a sincere and courteous appearance and said to yuan Ye, "Uncle yuan, I'm going to the school to register today. The enrollment brochure says that the school is at the station and at the reception desk. I'll go directly. Don't bother you." Where is yuan Ye willing to work? He keeps trying to pull him. Yi Tianxing was a little impatient and his face sank. yuan Ye did not know why, felt a jump in the apex of his heart, and felt that the young man on the opposite side had a breath that he could not see through, and his body could not help but stagnate. Taking advantage of this empty space, Yi Tianxing went to the entrance of the station. What are you waiting for? Go and wait outside the station! yuan Ye roared to his men, who had just been suppressed by the momentum of a young man, and after he had recovered his breath, he could not help becoming angry from embarrassment. Outside the station. Yi Tianxing walked slowly in front of him with a broken rucksack on his back. yuan Ye followed closely with a dozen big men with fleshy faces. At the back of the team, a Bluebird car was walking slowly at the speed of an old woman. It was the rush hour for students to return to school. Young men and women were coming and going at the station. Suddenly, they saw such a strange procession and watched it curiously. Yi Tianxing scolded the old man secretly in his heart. He turned around and said,deep draw stamping, "You go back and leave a contact information. If something happens, I will come to you naturally." He could not feel it himself, but the words seemed to have a commanding momentum. autoparts-dx.com 


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